WDS (Windows Deployment Services)

Next step in deploying Windows OS is to add the WIM files that you created with MDT into the WDS Server.

First you need to have the WDS feature installed on a server: go to Server Manager -> Add Roles and Feature -> Role-based or feature-based installation -> Select server -> Check or make sure the box is checked for Windows Deployment Services -> Next and then Install.

After is installed go to: Tools -> Windows Deployment Services and open it. Right click on Servers -> Add Server

You will get a new window with options about the server. If you run it on local server just choose that option or choose Another computer / Following servers.

After we add a new server, we will connect using Remote Desktop.

After you connected just open the WDS. We will add a new image to the server. Right click on “Boot images” and Add Boot Image.

Assuming you already copied the WIM files after you build it with MDT, just click on Browse to select the correct file.

Find the WIM file that you want to add with the Boot Image.

After you selected the image, you need to add a name / description for the new image. Click Next after the name / description was added.

Summary shows the image selected, if looks OK click on Next.

Wait for the task to finish and if no errors show up click on Finish.

Check that your new WinPE image is presented in Windows deployment Service.

Next step, right click on the image and choose Properties.

By default the Priority number for the new image is set to: 500,000. To make it at the top of the list (PXE boot menu) just change the number to the lowest number possible.

After the image was added and we modified the Priority, we need to test the image to make sure it’s working. Boot a system connected to the wired network and use F12 (boot to network option) to load Windows images, and select new image you just added. 

Now you are ready to deploy Windows to any computer that will choose to boot on the network and choose the right image. After a while you will have many images, because of updates (drivers or applications). If you run out of space you can delete an image, right click on image and select Delete.

If an image became obsolete and you have no need to use, select Disable. When you disable an image, the image will still be on the server but it’s not showing on the PXE boot menu, so you cannot use that image. If you need to use a disabled image, right click on image and Enable the image.