Starwind Virtual SAN

How to add servers, targets and devices. The disks will be used for Fail Over Clusters:

  • First step is to add a new server. Open Startwind Console and click on Add New Server.
  • Click on Advanced and then Scan Starwind Servers.
  • It will show server by IP/Name. Click OK on the the IP/Name and will add the server. After adding the server click on the name and then Connect.
  • In order to add a disk to a server, first you need to add a Target. Right click on the name and then Add Target.
  • Choose a name for the target (Target Alias) and then click Next.
  • Click on Create.
  • After the Target is created, click on the name and on the Menu on the top, choose Add Device (advanced). From the options choose Hard Disk Device.
  • Next step is to choose the Disk Type. Choose Physical Disk from the menu.
  • Choose where you will put the Physical Disk image. On your physical server choose the disk with the most space.
  • Next step is to choose Device RAM Cache. With Write-Through you data is written simultaneously both to disk and RAM, preventing data loss, but you’ll sacrifice the array performance. With Write-Back your data is write into the RAM and later (running in background) to disk. This is much faster. You can set maximum available size or can choose the size for the Cache.
  • For the next step you need to choose your Target that you just created before or you can create a new Target.
  • Click on Create.
  • After the disk is created you will need to go and search on the server (if not showing up, needs to be installed as a feature) iSCSI Initiator. Open the iSCSI Initiator and on the Target put the IP or Name and click Quick Connect. Do the same step for all the servers.
  • After connecting you’ll see all the disks from all the servers showing Connected. If a disk shows Inactive then click on Connect.
  • A new windows will open for that disk. Just click OK and it will connect, the status should say Connected for all disks.
  • After the iSCSI Initiator, go to Server Manager -> File and Storage -> Volumes -> Disks. The new added disks will show Offline, right click and change it to Online -> Initialize -> New Volume -> Format.
  • The last step is to go into Fail Over Cluster, go to Disks -> Add Disk. After the disk was added into the Cluster, right click on the disk and choose Add to cluster shared volumes.
  • If you want to remove a disk, go back into Starwind and right click on the disk -> Remove Target
  • If you need more space for a disk, go back into Starwind and right click on the disk -> Extend Size of HA Device.
  • Choose the size that you want to add and click Extend. Be aware that you cannot shrink a disk, you can only Extend it. Once you click Extend you cannot go back to a smaller size disk. - All rights reserved.
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