Linux: Network configuration

  • If you didn’t setup the network during the installation, then will be no Internet. You need to setup the network thru CLI or GUI. This process is thru the GUI. Click on Power button on the upper right corner and a window will open. This will show the Network is Off. Click on Connect and will turn the Network On. By default the DHCP is getting an IP from the server.
  • Click on Wired Settings and you will be able to turn On/Off the network, set up a static IP or configure the Proxy server.
  • In order to change IP click on the wheel at the bottom of the window. It will open the settings window.
  • To change to a static IP, click on the menu “Automatic (DHCP)” and choose Manual. Enter IP / Mask / DNS server. If the Internet stop working after setting up the manual IP, something is wrong, could be the IP, wrong Mask, wrong Gateway, wrong DNS. Put it back DHCP and make sure you got the correct information.
  • If work company require a Proxy to get outside from local network, then click on Network Proxy, choose Manual and enter the IP+port for the proxy server.
  • If you need to turn off or restart the server, clock on the power button (top right corner) and when the window opens you will see another similar button, click on that and then choose Turn Off.