Windows Server OS

Most of the tutorials are created on Windows Server 2016, but works also with newer Windows Server 2019. Installation, Updates, Active Directory , GPO, DNS, DHCP, DFS, Hyper-V, FailOverCluster, NLB. Go thru Event Viewer errors, check Device Manager and Task Manager.Troubleshoot problems and find a fix.

Linux OS

Tutorials about CentOS 7: installation, updates, troubleshooting. Also, using CLI for managing files, install new programs, managing users.


VMware ESXi and vCenter Server – installation and managing. Dealing with new VM – create, modify, delete, clone, snapshoots.


Cisco and Extreme Networks CLI – setup, maintain, upgrade firmware, backup and restore configuration.

Troubleshooting steps (from CompTIA)

Step 1  Identify problem

Step 2  Establish a probable cause (question the obvious)

Step 3  Test probable cause theory to determine actual cause

Step 4  Establish an action plan and execute the plan

Step 5  Verify full system functionality and, if applicable, implement preventative measures.

Step 6  Document findings, actions, and outcomes